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Our mission is to help perpetuate the local Filipino heritage and provide development opportunities that empower young active citizens to create positive change.

Our history

The JCI Hawaii Filipino Junior Chamber (FJC), a local organization member (LOM) of Junior
Chamber International (JCI), JCI USA, legacy can be traced as far back as 1970 when
Geminiano “Toy” Arre, Jr. made history by becoming the first president of non-Japanese
descent to lead the Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce. During Toy’s tenure, he
led the effort with Ernest Mina to form the first Filipino-themed JCI chapter in Hawaii with Ed
Hasegawa (ironically of Japanese descent) as its first president: the Bayanihan Jaycees.
Unfortunately, the word ‘Bayanihan’ was forced to be removed due to the U.S. Junior
Chamber’s policy banning ethnic connotations to chapter names. Although it got renamed to the
Metropolitan Jaycees, the chapter’s bayanihan spirit remained.

The U.S. Junior Chamber’s policy eventually changed and a new chapter later emerged as the
Oahu Filipino Jaycees. It became a solid source for young leadership in the local Filipino
community, bringing forth today’s notable individuals such as Judge Rey Graulty, Roland
Casamina, Larry Ordonez, Alex Sonson, and Willie Espero. Some of its members would
ultimately be key in helping establish Oahu’s Annual Filipino Fiesta and the Filipino Community

After some time of hibernation, today’s organization began to form in the late 1990s by Harry
Alonso. In 1998, the Filipino Junior Chamber officially reemerged as the Honolulu Filipino Junior
Chamber of Commerce (HFJCC) with Michelle Acosta as its first president. Under Eric
Barsatan’s leadership in 2008, HFJCC branded itself simply as the ‘Filipino Junior Chamber.’
Under Jay Raymundo’s leadership in 2011, HFJCC officially renamed itself ‘JCI Hawaii Filipino
Junior Chamber of Commerce’ as JCI resources have become more readily available to its
national and local organization members.

In 2012, Ryan Fernandez became the first ex officio board member of the Filipino Chamber of
Commerce of Hawaii. This position would continue to be held by current Filipino Junior
Chamber presidents and open leadership and networking opportunities to members.
Like the chapters that preceded it, the current chapter has a diverse and talented membership.
Current and former members are sought for their leadership by businesses, government of all
levels, and the community.

Today, the Filipino Junior Chamber is the local community’s premier organization for young adults in leadership development.

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